Get the New FIFA Mobile La Liga Players

La Liga program is a seven days FIFA Mobile event. During this week, players are given the unique opportunity to acquire new cards. There are eight special Maestro cards that can be obtained while the event is running. The program celebrates the final moments of the real La Liga season so all in game players are footballers who took part in this year’s season. When they are teamed with other players who participated in La Liga, the team enjoys some attribute boosts.

The first step towards unlocking the new players is taking part in live events. A new type of live events called La Liga Rivalry is added to the game. The events are based on what’s happening in the real season. The first three players and a special event token, rivalry token, are obtained for completing live events during the first half of the event. After three days, some specific live events that are designed depending on what happened in the real matches are added as part of this FIFA Mobile program. More rivalry tokens can be earned by successfully finishing these events. The tokens are then used in special La Liga plans. The reward that comes from plan completion includes players from featured clubs. To complete plans, base players are also needed. Besides live events, plan items can be earned from special La Liga packs that will be available while the program is active. These packs can also contain tokens.

The program has eight clubs and each club has four elite players. When all four are obtained, users combine them with club rivalry tokens and get a club specific Maestro player that has at least 90 OVR. There is also the upgraded version of these Maestro players that can be unlocked using other items. The boosted player has 97 OVR. During the program, players will not be able to trade program specific items but after the program ends these can be auctioned on the transfer market. As one can imagine, there is some serious FIFA Mobile coins making potential for those who obtain the special program players.