NBA 2K18 – What You Need to Know About MyLeague

MyLeague is a players’ favorite NBA 2K18 mode. The description is in the title. This mode gives players the tools and features to create their own league. Just like other game modes, this one too stays true to NBA 2K’s commitment to providing realistic basketball gameplay and an authentic NBA experience. Players will discover a wealth of customization options. They are able to choose how many teams will be part of their league and how many games will be played. There are lots of settings that give each player the opportunity to create their dream league. Players can save the settings configuration and use it in more seasons or change the rules after each season. The settings can also be used when playing online with others. It’s even possible to skip the season. Players who choose to do this will be able to experience the Playoffs without playing through the season first.

When designing MyLeague mode for NBA 2K18, developers’ goal was to separate it from MyGM. In the last NBA 2K iterations, the two modes were pretty similar but now there is a clear distinction. MyGM is focused on a single basketball player’s journey. MyLeague is all about teams and customization. New systems were added to give players more control over their leagues. Duplicate players are one of the issues that were common in the previous game installments.

Now players can choose if they want duplicate basketball players or not. As some basketball players have two or even more in-game versions, users can now select which version they want in their league. Practice Plays is another newly introduced feature. This way players can develop the needed skills to win games. Another new feature is the addition of new basketball players to player created leagues. Users can design custom players and add them to their leagues any time they want. It’s possible to add new players even in the middle of the season. Rules from the Collective Bargaining Agreement add one more level of authenticity to NBA 2K18. Now are you get all these about Myleague? If you do, it’s time to buy NBA 2K18 MT cheap online and build your team!