NBA Live Mobile – What to Do if You’re Having Troubles Logging in From an Android Device

Those who are using an Android device to play NBA Live Mobile and cannot log into the game are invited to try the following fix. The first step is to go into the device’s Settings menu and to select the Google option. Players must then browse until they find the Connected Apps option. Upon tapping this option, a list of apps will open. Among these apps, players will need to locate NBA Live Mobile. Once they’ve found the app, they need to tap its icon. A new screen showing the app logo, app name, app permission and a button, will open. It should be noted that the name of the app appears as NBA Live and not NBA Live Mobile. Players shouldn’t get confused by this. They will recognize that it’s the correct app by the logo image. Underneath the name, the app permissions are shown. It should say something like “This app can access” on one row, and on the second row the permissions Google Play Games and Profile Information. There’s one more element on this screen. It’s a yellow button that says Disconnect. Players need to tap this button. As soon as the button is tapped a confirmation message asking players if they really want to disconnect NBA Live Mobile from Google will pop. Two options are available. One is Cancel and it will return players to the previous screen. The other one is Disconnect and it will proceed with the disconnect.

The next step is to open the NBA Live Mobile app. Players will be prompted with the Allow Permissions screen. From this screen, they must tap Allow. Users need to tap their Google Play profile to connect to the game. This fix is really easy to apply. If the log in issue is not fixed players can try it multiple times as it will work at one point. This is just a temporary issue that the team is looking to solve as quickly as possible so players shouldn’t worry about losing access to the game.

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