NBA Live Mobile – What You Can Get From League Versus League Sets

Being part of an NBA Live Mobile league comes with a series of benefits. Players get to interact and unlock a game mode called League versus League. This mode gives two leagues the chance to compete. League members will participate in games against players from the opposing league. This opens up another game feature: League versus League sets. Players don’t need to be part of a league to view these sets, but they need tokens that can only be acquired from League versus League mode to complete them. There are six sets in this category.

The Gold Training Pack set is completed by exchanging four league tokens for 10 training tokens that have at least gold quality. This pack can be completed once a week as it has a cooldown of seven days. The second set, Gold+ Coach, gives players one coach card for four league tokens. The card is gold quality or better. Just like the first set, this too has one week cooldown. The Triple Double Pack set rewards players with one Triple Double pack if they are willing to part with five league tokens. This pack can contain two gold or elite players, two silver or better players, and two bronze or better players. This pack has a better chance of producing elite player cards. The cost of this pack in the NBA Live Mobile store is 30,000 NBA Live Mobile coins and 300 NBA cash. The set has a one week cooldown. The fourth set, 84+ Fan Favorite Player, gives players an 84 or better OVR Fan Favorite player card when they turn in 30 league tokens. Those who want a better Fan Favorite player can get an 87+ one but they will need more tokens. The 87+ Fan Favorite Player set is completed with 60 league tokens. These two player sets don’t have a cooldown. Fan Favorite Coach Doc Rivers is the sixth set. Players will get this coach provided they have 90 league tokens.