FIFA Mobile – How to Play Campaigns Mode

Campaigns mode is one of the FIFA Mobile features introduced in Season 2. This mode replaces the old season mode. It has all the activities that were available in the previous mode and more. Campaigns mode can be accessed by tapping the Campaigns button on the home screen. On the button, players will see some info such as the name of the ongoing campaign and the progress. In the old season mode, players had only one activity to complete. Now, in addition to season games, players also have access to various events.

For example, training camp event is a game tutorial that teaches basic FIFA Mobile commands. They may be called basic, but they are the foundation of winning matches. By completing all the objectives in this event, players will learn how to score, dribble, pass, and also features such as the training system. Another tutorial event, skills training has more challenging objectives such as achieving dribbles and goals under certain conditions. Rewards like coins and XP are obtained. Players can tap on an objective to see what rewards they will get. Objectives can be replayed more than once but the best reward is received only one time. Smaller rewards are obtained for replays. Stamina is used when players begin an objective. Playing campaigns is the same as playing the old seasons mode. Players will choose from different campaigns and they will go against teams from leagues associated with that region. If players choose the Western Europe campaign, they will compete against teams from Scottish Prem, Pro League, RSL, and such. Each campaign has multiple chapters. Just like when playing events, players can tap on objectives to see info and rewards. Each chapter has a different number of games. Later chapters usually have more matches. The difficulty of these games is gradually increased. There is a lot of content available in Campaigns mode. Players get the chance to learn the game and to get rewards that will help them with other game activities. XP, FIFA Mobile coins, players, and other items are obtained from Campaigns objectives.