H1Z1 – Auto Royale Explained

H1Z1 went through serious changes. It has switched from buy to play to free to play and added a new mode. This new mode is called auto royale. It has the same rules as battle royale but it’s team based and features vehicles. Players will be competing in teams of four. A team takes control of a vehicle. The match is a competition between teams. The objective is the same as in a battle royale game. A team needs to annihilate all other teams to win the match.

Out of four players, three of them take care of the enemy and the fourth is in charge of driving. This mode is all about vehicles but gas is the one thing players don’t need to worry about as they don’t have to fuel their vehicles to keep them running. What they do need to worry about is the enemy teams. There are various ways to deal with them. The vehicles can be upgraded and customized. Just like how players find items in a normal game, in auto royale they will find vehicle upgrades. These are used to improve a vehicle’s performance. Power-ups are tremendously useful too. They give time limited boosts. Traps and landmines are used to slow down and damage enemies. Weapons are part of the mode too. Players will be able to use the same weapons as in other modes. Regular weapons are available but also rare ones like the light machine gun.

The rules are similar to a battle royale game. Players begin the game in an area that is shrinking as time passes. A toxic gas cloud engulfs zones of the map and is deadly to anyone who doesn’t move out of its way. Meanwhile, players fight each other. Towards the end of the round, the area will be that small that all remaining players are forced to come out of their hiding. The team that defeats all other teams wins the match. The game can be found on Steam where it is available as a free game. Leave a comment if you are a fan of this game, and get FIFA 18 Account cheap here, safe and instant!