‘FIFA 18’ did not fit right into the Nintendo console. Despite his resounding sales, he did not know how to take advantage of his opportunity. And I had everything in favor, from the hype of being the return of ‘FIFA’ to Nintendo to the fact of being the only football saga in Switch. Fortunately, this year EA Sports has done what it takes to redeem it.

We had the opportunity to try a developing version of ‘FIFA 19’. One that still had the image of a Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid on the interface, although it was already anticipated that everything would be updated in time for its launch at the end of September. Now, the issue of licensing is what worried me the least.

This year EA Sports has been redeemed?
Starting, the game experience is different. It can be seen from the first bars what is the philosophy of this new delivery in all systems, giving prominence to the manual game. Of course, at all times it is an adapted adaptation to Switch Hardware. With the good and the not so good that supposes.

Let’s talk about the news
At the time of writing these lines I check the hours counter that I have played to ‘FIFA 18’ on Xbox One and it gives me a figure that I did not even assimilate: 17 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes. Perhaps that is why I have dragged too many delivery habits currently in force. One that was not exempt from controversy.

The main thing: I have tried firsthand what EA Sports describes as the Active Touch system. One of the elements that will shape this delivery. And buy FIFA 19 Coins online will be a good choice for players when this game released.

And the rest? The rest we will tell you the following week!