1 Month With Madden NFL 19

Before talking about the different game modes, let’s take a look at the game that has gained in precision thanks to Real Player Motion. No more mistakes and collisions like last year. After a short period of driving (and understanding of the game for beginners, but the rest assured a very well-done tutorial is in the game), it will be very nice to succeed very specific commercial and passes with feints and changes Rhythm to break the ankles of your opponents.

Long Shot 2
On the previous work, Madden continues in the line of cinema fashions with his characters Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. This part of Madden with a script contains more than the way with comedians like Adam Sandler or Ron Cephas Jones. The story is concrete (football, of course, but also great American themes such as loss or redemption) but it does not leave room for improvisation. There is no choice of dialogues to influence the story. It’s a shame.

Ultimate Team alone or with several
FIFA regulars will not be disappointed to see that Madden has finally upgraded to Ultimate Team mode. A necessary, efficient and very attractive review. If you are still pressed towards consumption and buying credits (Training) to improve your cards, this mode is worth it for the detour with new features such as the MUT Squad Challenges or you face the AI with three different challenges. Solo players can play in solo Battles mode with 13 games per week.

In every franchise
The other way to prove absolutely is one in which you assume the role of head of a franchise, where the principle is to build your team and take it to the highest for several seasons. The progression is made through the Archetypes of players that you can improve thanks to the XP and Madden 19 coins obtained in the matches. The identity of your team also depends on your game patterns. It is up to you to choose who you want to look like.

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