FIFA Mobile – Quests

FIFA Mobile is a game that is constantly looking for new ways to keep players entertained. The latest major game patch brought some significant changes. The game now runs on a new engine that provides not just better graphics but also more gameplay features. There is a new multiplayer mode that allows two opponents to compete in real time. Quests are one of the new systems that came with the latest update.

FIFA Mobile veterans might remember the old achievements and objectives. These were simple or more complex tasks that rewarded players when completed. Achievements and objectives are no longer part of the game. They were replaced by quests. These new activities are very similar to the old ones but they are better integrated into the game. Quests have different objectives. In fact, any game activity can be a quest objective. During special events, players will receive quests that require them to complete event activities. This is a great way to get extra rewards.

The quest system can be accessed from the main game interface. The Quest button is located in the right bottom corner. Tap it and the quests screen will open. Players will see their progress with the current quests. Here are some quest examples. Pack Kick-off requests players to open a store pack. This is one of the easiest quests. Other quests, such as Play And Win, require players to get rewards from the Silver Campaign. All the quest objectives are normal game activities that players complete on a daily basis. The quest system can be regarded as an extra rewards system. It’s also a nice feature for new players that might need some guidance. If they don’t know what to do, they can just open the quest screen and start completing objectives. Quest rewards include gems, FIFA coins, and other items. VS Attack is unlocked by completing a quest. Players must not forget to claim the quest rewards. Once the quest is completed, the Claim button is enabled and players can get their rewards.