Is Lainer Winter Refresh worth it?

EA Sports has updated another League SBC. It is the turn of the Bundes and Stefean Lainer has been chosen to receive a new special version. It will be available as a final reward throughout FIFA 20 and is undoubtedly the best of the three options. Still, is it worth doing the challenges of each German club for this card? Let’s talk about it.

Lainer’s stats look great and appear to be a fairly solid side. Its rhythm is outstanding and on top it is completely balanced, taking 93 in acceleration and sprint. This is very valuable because it is fast both in the start and in the long races.

His defense has some small defect. It is not good to head (77) and the positioning is at 78. But it compensates with its magnificent stats in interception (82) and, above all, the robbery duo (91) plus input (95). They are extraordinary numbers for a side that also combines with a force of 78. It is not the most physically powerful LD, but it is still very good and will bring down quite a lot.

In attack also has much to contribute. It is curious his good distant shot (82) and, from time to time, could score a goal from outside the area. The dribble is great, very balanced and with numbers that are around 85. It would be even better if I had some more driling point (stays at 83), but being a defense is not a serious problem either. Yes they can bother your three skill stars more. Other right sides like Semedo, Atal or Florenzi have four.

The pass is somewhat unbalanced and will worsen your performance in game. The 90 is short (magnificent) but the vision of 73 will not be as reliable with the triangulazos. If it reached 80-82, it would improve its level when passing the hole to the right-hand end. A simple resource but quite useful to break closed defenses, and that this Lainer does not dominate at all. A shame

And before finishing the analysis we must highlight one of its main virtues. He is tireless for his 99 stamina and has a high / high work rate. So you can be constantly raising and lowering the band without getting fatigued to the final minutes.

In summary, Lainer Winter Refresh is a very complete side that only lacks more vision. A very competitive player that fits into any template.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)