As NBA 2K21’s MyTeam season begins anew with Season 5, 2K has announced that this season’s theme is all about superheroes – without the capes.


Welcome iconic superstars – like LeBron James – and evolve him from a Sapphire Evo card to a Diamond-tier player by completing numerous agenda challenges.


Introduced in this new season are also Modern Age and Golden Age player packs as well, which hold some invaluable basketball players that you can leverage on throughout your MyTeam exploits.


Notable names include Luka Doncic and Mitchell Robinson for the Modern Age pack, while the Golden Age pack offers players like Shaq O’Neal and Manu Ginobili into the roster.


Throughout this season, you can also complete new season agendas to unlock various professional players such as Hamidou Diallo, Joe Harris, and Amar’e Stoudemire, among others.


What do you get for reaching level 40 during Season 5? Well, Galaxy Opal Admiral, David Robinson lies in wait for you, once you reach the peak of this season’s journey.


If you’re looking to add another Galaxy Opal player into your roster, notching your 1,000th Triple Threat offline win will get you Peja Stojakovic instead. Neat, eh?


This season, legendary names are also added into the mix too, with T-Mac and Vinsanity unlocked by achieving certain seasonal milestones too. Speaking of legendary…


Season 5’ Signature Challenge adds the iconic Michael Jordan ‘Last Shot’ moment for you to relive – and match! Get into MJ’s shoes to stake a name for yourself, and earn a Diamond Jordan shoe and a Hall of Fame badge for your troubles too.


Want to have Michael Jordan in your seasonal MyTeam collection? Here’s a code for you: JORDAN-LAST-SHOT


You can also obtain a Galaxy Opal Pau Gasol card too, by winning all 5 Championship rings in this season’s MyTeam Limited tournaments.


Opting for MyTeam Unlimited instead? No worries! Achieving a 12-0 streak in Opal League will reward you with a Galaxy Opal Cedric Maxwell as well.


MyTeam Season 5 is surely ramping up the game for online players to explore, compete and share amongst friends and rivals alike.


With so many heroic icons now donning their shirts again for some final “Hoorah!” moments, it’s now or never for you to shine as a Superhero too.


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