When You Can Start Playing FIFA 22

FUTeamgo is the best place to buy cheap FUT 22 coins! FIFA 22 will be launching in just a few weeks on October 1st. Many fans are eagerly waiting to see this year’s game. We had enough time to find out more about the game thanks to the developers’ blogs, but nothing compares to the hands-on experience. If you want to get your hands on cheap FIFA 22 coins, all you have to do is visit FUTeamgo and place an order! FIFA 22 comes with an early access period so you can start playing the game before the global launch.


How Can You Play FIFA 22 Earlier


There are two options that offer players the chance to see the new EA SPORTS FIFA game before October 1st. We have the EA Play membership and the pre-order bonus. The EA Play program includes a game trial that starts on September 22nd. That’s the earliest that you can play the game. There is a catch though, you can only play for a limited number of hours. This is a trial, or a demo if you want to call it that, to give you the chance to see the game before committing to the purchase. Only EA Play members have access to this trial. So far, EA hasn’t announced any free demo. We may see a global demo one or two weeks before the global launch. The EA Play membership is a program that offers various benefits in exchange for a monthly fee. In addition to the time-limited FIFA 22 trial, members have other game-related bonuses. These include XP boosts when playing Ultimate Team Seasons, apparel for Volta mode, and customization items for your FUT 22 stadium. Each month, EA Play subscribers get FIFA 22 items. If you play the trial and decide to buy the game before it is released, you will get a 10% discount. This is a nice deal. The other way to play FIFA 22 before the global release is to pre-purchase the game’s special edition. The Ultimate edition includes four days of early access. This is not time-limited like the trial. In addition to early access, the Ultimate edition includes the free upgrade Xbox Series X dual entitlement deal. You will also get 4,600 FIFA 22 points and a Ones to Watch player card that cannot be traded. The standard edition pre-order bonuses are also included in the Ultimate version.