NBA 2K23 MyNBA Feature Reveal, Custom Rosters, MyWNBA & Latest News

There’s a lot being revealed right now, but we’re most excited about the new features of the NBA 2K23 MyNBA. Buy NBA 23 MT from A6K!


From custom rosters to how MyWNBA will fit in, we cover the new features for all game modes.


Put on your GM hat, it’s time to take over the league.


Latest – New Age patterns revealed


The latest game mode announced this year is an improvement on a popular game mode. The NBA 2K23 MyNBA era is where you’ll be spending your time this year.


According to Courtside Report, we now know you’ll be traveling through some of the best years in NBA history and controlling some of the best teams in history.


The era began with Magic vs. Birds, which has a prominent place in NBA history.


More good news is that you can choose between four NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras.


NBA 2K23 MyNBA features


While we don’t have the full trailer yet to reveal all the details of the NBA 2K23 MyNBA, we think a lot of the core details will remain the same.


Things like MyGM and MyLEAGUE can get a lot of updates, and we expect to have more news about the current generation of systems.


The Staff Carousel was introduced in NBA 2K22 and may reappear in NBA 2K23 MyNBA. Here are the positions we’d like you to fill:


Front Office (Director, General Manager, assistant General Manager, Chief Financial Officer)


Coaches (Head coach, Shooting Doctor, Bigman Coach, Defense Coach, Perimeter Defense Coach, Linebacker Master, Wing Whisperer)


Scout (leader, 4 domestic scouts, 2 foreign scouts)


Sports Medicine (team doctor, strength trainer, endurance trainer, sports psychology, sports science, physiotherapist, sleep doctor)


Now, these features are unproven, but they were popular last year, so we’re looking forward to their return in NBA 2K23 MyNBA.


Details of the NBA 2K23 franchise model


Building your own team in NBA 2K23 is something many players want to see, and we look forward to seeing improvements this year.


Exact details are yet to be revealed, but we also expect the coach to play an important role in MySTAFF and MyGM. All of these offer more customization and realism.



NBA 2K23 MyNBA’s new features are likely to be fully revealed soon, so stay tuned for our new content.


We’re also nearing the game’s release date, so let’s take a quick look.


NBA 2K23 release date


The release of NBA 2K23 is now less than a month away. With an official release date of September 8, 2022, the race is coming soon.